First Harmony Farms

First Harmony Farms breeds Border Collies, Miniature Australian Shepherds and English Setters. Currently located in Illinois, FHF was started in 1992 and is owned by Lynette and Stuart VandeVenter. As veterinarians we both enjoy devoting our lives to animals and their health. We believe in breeding animals for health, performance, and temperament. We urge people to get out into the world and enjoy the companionship of their pets through competition. We strive to educate the public on animal care, health and issues.

Border Collies, Miniature Australian Shepherds and English Setters

Our main interests at the moment are in the breeding of Border Collies, Miniature Australian Shepherds. Border Collies themselves are fundamental workers. We breed our Border Collies with competition and working homes in mind, stressing the Botyne line. Miniature Australian Shepherds are natural learnings, workers and loving companions. We find English Setters to be an excellent family dog. Beyond their ability to be natural companions, they have an amazing work ethic for hunting and competition. Our animals have pedigrees that contain names such as: CH Sunstorm and CH Havelock Blacksmith. We support versatility in our dogs to participate in a variety of dog competitions as well as being fantastic pets.

Dogs of First Harmony Farms

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